Learn the difference between the main 2 pacts to determine what is most suitable for your class.

Sample Texts/Emails

Make them your own and share with the moms in your class to introduce the MUST program. (Note: Phone calls are THE best mode of introduction, however, when that is not feasible, feel free to send this introductory text or email instead. Find the one that is most relevant to your class.)


Not sure if your class needs a survey? Find out & request one here.

Sample Text/Emails 

Text/email For A Pause/freeze Pact 

A class that has either some or many children owning their own personal devices.
(If only one or two children out of the whole class have devices, please contact must for guidance.)


Does my class need a survey?

If you are not 100% sure all the children in the class do not have their own personal devices then a survey would be useful. Every ambassador that requests a survey will get a customized survey for their particular class. It is important to relay to the moms that this survey is completely ANONYMOUS. This allows for the moms to be open and honest in their responses, which helps gauge where the class is realistically holding in regard to technology use. Once the current climate of the class is determined, the moms can form a pact that is both realistic and suitable for their children’s needs.

Each class gets their own survey with their own unique link so as not to mix their responses with the responses of other classes. Doing so would completely interfere with the accuracy of the survey for each particular class. Therefore, never share the link of your survey with ambassadors of other classes.

Click the link below and fill out the form to receive your customized anonymous survey for your class.